S U Z E N 

To make art that heals...

    Asian American Artist SUZEN, also known as Susan Lucas, is recognized for her deeply emotional voice & lyrics that explore love, loss and growth.  Suzen combines elements of pop, soul, indie singer songwriter and folk to create cinematic and heartfelt records. Her latest single out now, HEAVEN is streaming on all musical platforms which is also paired with a self produced music video. 


     A young visionary and creative, she has played live all around Los Angeles (Peppermint Club, Hotel Cafe, Silverlake Lounge, Space 1520, The Viper Room, The Dresden, Stories LA) and independently toured Hawaii and San Francisco in 2019.  She excited for more shows which details will be featured on her website here. 


    She is currently focused on releasing CHASING BUTTERFLIES and producing her own music videos. Keep up with SUZEN on IG, FB and Twitter and of course here.